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Going to the movies might be especially dangerous if one is trying to lose some extra pounds. Watching a movie often considers a large amount of food items consumed between meals purely for the enjoyment of its taste. However, there are some nice tricks that may help one to get prepared to face the challenges and avoid a diet downfall.

Shocking facts

A large tub of movie theater popcorn has as much as 76 grams of fat. To understand the calculations even more precisely let us say this is an equivalent of five full size Snickers bars or even more than a six McDonald’s cheeseburgers. In terms of calories, it has around 1100 calories, and most of the diet plans restrict the calorie limit to 1200-1500 calories per day.

Tips and tricks

The most effective thing to do in order to avoid unwanted overeating is to have a healthy and satisfying snack before leaving the home. For example, one can take apple slices and spread a peanut butter on each of them. A combination of fiber and protein will make this meal very filling. A plate of raw vegetables in low-fat dip together with low-fat cheese makes one feel fuller and satisfied. Low-fat cheese on whole grain crackers will help prevent drastic falls in blood sugar level. Proteins from yogurt may also show helpful, especially if consumed with some low-fat granola or sliced almonds.

Anything that is covered in chocolate is to be ignored. Candy bars are full of dead calories. If one needs to satisfy a sweet tooth it would be advisable to choose less sugary sweets like gummy bears or jelly beans.

When choosing a drink, one should stick to the frozen yogurt. Granitas and soda are full of empty calories that will eventually turn to unwanted weight.

Pop and carry

A perfect alternative to theater snacks are air popped popcorn prepared at home. There are a lot of flavors to choose from: parmesan, garlic, chocolate, Marshmallows, paprika, and cinnamon… Even fat free products are available at the grocery shop. Some of them have only 2 calories per serving. Of course, there are some diet-specific snack ideas to be considered. For example:If following Weight Watchers it is advisable to bring along a portion of controlled snack with a low point value. NutriSystem followers should make sure to have a NutriSystem caramel corn, white cheddar Soy Snackers, or snack mix.People on low carb diet should eat pork rinds instead of classic theater snacks.Failing to resist a challenge

If one decides to get theater popcorn there is one rule to be kept in mind: choose less even if it costs you more. A small bag costs around 71 cents and it has 500 calories.

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