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A Dish With a Significant Tradition

Sushi has been a traditional Japanese meal for hundreds of years. However, originally it is quite different from the one we are to buy as fast food nowadays. Namely, at first, this meal was prepared by placing a raw fish in vinegar with rice and leaving it there for a certain period of time. Afterwards, the rice is removed and the fish served raw, without any further preparation. After the World War II, this meal has stepped outside of the Japanese tradition, therefore finding its place in the fast food branch. Becoming even more popular in Japan, in time, it even got outside of the continent. In the 1960's it reached America. However, this dish was a bit different. Bearing in mind the American taste for food and their concept of fast food in general, sushi evolved into a sushi roll, taking the fast food marked by storm.

All in all, sushi is now available everywhere. But, several questions remain hanging in the air, considering the health value of this meal, and the overall benefit one may consider for him or herself while eating it.

Health Benefits of Sushi

All those who enjoy sushi but are skeptical about its health value may be at ease since this meal is nothing else but healthy and good for you.

First of all, sushi is almost absolutely cholesterol-free. Therefore, it can be eaten in larger quantities without causing any health problems or unwanted pounds. Additionally, rich in omega3 fatty acids, numerous vitamins and mineral, this fish is an excellent addition to one's healthy diet. Moreover, vinegar rice the fish is kept in is rich in zinc, and the fish itself is rich in some sea-based minerals unable to be found on the land. Rich in antioxidants, this dish may also protect you from numerous diseases and boost your immunity significantly. Finally, protecting your heart, sushi makes your hair look and feel healthier while, at the same time, increasing your sex drive. For these and many other reasons, sushi is perhaps one of the best meat-based dishes available.

To conclude, even though this food is very healthy, you need to make sure you are consuming it while fresh in order to avoid food poisoning. Otherwise, almost every variation of sushi has its benefits. Therefore, you are free to explore and combine, possibly even increasing the overall health value of this remarkable dish.

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