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Even though most of the parents think they are doing a good job when it comes to their children, there are still some tips each parent might use. Keeping the kids healthy when it comes to both, the mind and the body is not easy, but it is achievable.

Lunch boxes

New part of life begins with a first day in school. New friends, new adults, new obligations, this all might be a bit stressful for a child, especially if the little one does not blend in from the start. In those moments, something familiar, something a child might attach to will help, and why not, that can be a lunch box, especially if it is with a tasty, favorite meal.

Creating healthy lunch boxes for school might be difficult only because of maintaining variety of chosen food. Kids do tend to get bored if the food is always the same, or even similar. As for a menu for school lunch boxes, a good option would be to create a weekly if not a monthly menu. This will make things easier, because a parent will not have to think twice about what to prepare and it will ensure that each lunch has everything a child actually needs. About the needing part, a child’s meal must include all nutrients in a proper balance. Proteins, carbs, fats, minerals, and vitamins, these mentioned simply must be a part of a healthy lunch box, or any other meal.


Due to the lack of time in some days, a sandwich might be a good and quickly made solution for filling a lunch box. Bread should not be white; there are dozens of different, healthier types of bread. Low fat cheese can be used, with seasonal salad and, of course, some meat should be present, such as chicken or turkey. Fish is also recommended, tuna especially. Pasta is also an interesting meal, pizza too, more or less all types of food, but it is important they are homemade so that there are not much of bad calories in a meal. Fruit in all forms, either fresh or dried, is highly recommended.

Healthy lunch boxes must also contain some food that is on a child’s list of favorites, and it should be present even if it is not that good for a child. Small amounts and only once a week are allowed and will not create any negative effect. If a child is physically active, number of calories should be increased in order to create enough energy for all activities.

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