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Many will say that today eating presents so much more than just fulfilling the body’s needs, and they will probably be right. Since, certain meals present certain cultures and nations, many things in our lives cannot pass without a delicious meal. With all this said, it is obvious that recipes for healthy meals are something needed and necessary for a healthy and well-balanced life.

The importance

When we talk about the importance of healthy meal recipes, it is obvious that basic nutrients have to be ingested each and every day in order for us to live and function properly. Without carbohydrates, our brain will suffer, while without proteins our muscle mass would be reduced. Fats are also needed as a part of the under skin layers, whereas minerals and vitamins are essential for certain chemical processes in our metabolism. Still, necessity of eating does not allow us to eat what we want, as much as we can. Unfortunately, food industry today revolves more around profit than the actual health of their clients, therefore, fast food with low percentage of good nutrients and with excellent taste is available everywhere and offers quick satisfaction for hunger, but nothing more than that. And of course, it allows obesity to step forward.

The examples

Even though saying that healthy meal should be constantly prepared, that is not something that is easily done, simply because most of us have many obligations during a day, so spending some more time on food is not practical. Still, there are recipes that allow us to prepare healthy food in no time. For example, preparing roasted chicken breast with green beans is not difficult and does not take that much time. This meal includes about 400 calories, with proteins as the nutrient with the highest quantity, about 52 grams. Also, there is Tuscan chicken prepared with tomatoes, pine nuts and spinach, with even less calories, about 360, and more proteins, about 58 grams.

More or less, each meal should not take more than 35 minutes for preparing, and that is not that much for a healthy meal. Even though for some people that is not fast enough, it is still needed in order to live a healthy life. Also, if possible, all meals should be taken at the same time each day, so that our organism gets used to it and will not crave for eating between the meals. There is another option for those who really cannot make it. There are many food-delivering restaurants that make healthy and fresh food. The price might be a bit higher, but it is compensated with the gained time.

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