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By understanding that a lot of dangerous factors can cause an irreparable damage to the skin nowadays, a serious attention should be paid on the maintaining the healthy skin. The harmful effects of the factors such as the ultraviolet sun rays, the air pollution, the depletion of the necessary minerals and vitamins, and so on, could be dramatically lessened by the proper nutrition.

The proper nutrition of the skin

So, when considering the protection of the skin provided from the inside, that is, by carefully planned eating regime, first of all it should be understood that certain foods are actually the provokers of various skin problems. For example, the artificial and highly processed foods contain a lot of the chemicals which could trigger the allergic response, usually visible on the skin. Thus, logically, the fast food, snack, the hydrogenated fats and the similar products are to be avoided and those unhealthy eating habits should be substituted by the consumption of the fresh veggies and fruits, the whole grains rich in fibers and proteins, and the other beneficial stuff.

So, in order to preserve the healthy skin, or to deal with any skin problem, one must eat more dark green vegetables, such as broccoli, spinach, lettuce (they should be processed with heat as less as possible), and more dark fruits, like all the kinds of the berries. Concerning this matter, the darkness is the characteristic of being rich in iron. And, when it comes to meat, the chicken and turkey meat are the best for skin, and the fish that contains a high concentration of the omega 3 fatty acids are highly beneficial for the hair and the skin, as well.

The most effective supplements

As the supplementary way of treating the skin problems is concerned, naturally, the vitamins and minerals are the basis, but the antioxidants (the most popular are the alpha-lipoic acid and the DMAE) must be taken too.

So, it is important to point out that the vitamins E and A are good for the regeneration of the skin cells and the vitamin C is good for the recovery from the UV rays from the sun. Also, the vitamin B minimizes the inflammatory processes of the skin and its consumption can be increased by eating more rice, bananas and eggs. And, the irreplaceable for the skin health is the beta-carotene, which is derived from the vitamin A and can be found usually in the groceries of the red color.

And, when we talk about the minerals which are beneficial for the skin, they are mostly focused on helping the process of the regeneration. Zinc also balances the secretion of oils, selenium provides the protection of the harmful sun rays, and copper successfully deals with the comedones, by regulating the making of the sebum, similarly as the omega-3’s.

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