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Who are the vegans?

Vegans are the followers of the way of living, called veganism, according to which all the foods and drinks of the animal origin are excluded from the eating regime. Additionally, some vegans even don’t eat foods that are processed by the use of the animal products, nor the products which are tested on animals. So, in order to promote and preserve this philosophy, vegans must take a great care on their own health. Also, with a lot of specially made products for this kind of people, it is not so hart to be a vegan nowadays.

The vegans’ diet

So, of course, the basic nutrients must be taken on a daily basis and the vegans thus must pay a special attention on the energy of the organism. That is, they must find the worthy replacement for the proteins, which the rest of the people usually absorb from the meat. According to one study conducted in the U.K., even eighty per cent of the people suffer from the chronic lack of the energy.

Anyway, a vegan can’t allow him or herself to lead a sedentary lifestyle and to deal with the problem of the depletion of energy by consuming a lot of caffeine. That way, only the feeling of the replenishment of energy would appear. Nevertheless, vegans, ever more than the other people, must avoid the harmful substances, such as alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and similar, since they are more susceptible to the harmful effect these substances provide. Having this in mind, it is good to drink to juice from blueberries and strawberries, or to eat them in the raw form, as the substitution for the morning cup of coffee.

As far as the nutrition is considered, the variety is the key to the best vegans’ eating regime. It could be simply accomplished by introducing the fruits and veggies of all the colors into the diet, in order to provide enough basic nutrients to the organism.

But, when it comes to the most problematic nutrients for vegans, it is good to know which foods and drinks are especially rich in them. For example, red wine is rich in antioxidants; and the beneficial fat, the one rich in the omega 3 fatty acids, besides the fish, can be found in the oils extracted from hemp, walnuts and flax, as well.

As already mentioned, the proteins are always the problem for vegans, but the healthiest solution is to take them from mushrooms, nuts, tofu, hemp, quinoa and lentils. And, in the case of the necessary carbs, they are the best when they are consumed along with fibers, so, the recommended foods are amaranth, the bean sprouts, the brown rice, potatoes and quinoa.

And finally, it is inevitable to point out the huge benefits of the regular workouts, which needn’t to be very intensive. Especially, beneficial are the trainings done outdoors because that way the lack of the vitamin D is replenished by the sun rays absorbed through the skin.

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