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A Side-effect of Aging

Every human being is bound to experience sagging skin on his body sooner or later. While we are young, our skin is rich with collagen and elastin, proteins which keep it flexible and firm. However, in time, our skin gradually fails to regenerate. Then, we are to experience increase in our skin's deformation, causing ti to droop towards the ground, drawn by the force of gravity. This is a cruel fact of our existence, which cannot be avoided. Nevertheless, its onset may be prolonged for a long period, by taking good care of your skin and your body as a whole.

Reasons Behind Sagging and DroopingSkin

It is a well known fact that excessive exposure to harmful sun rays causes skin aging. Therefore, these conditions trigger skin sagging as well. Besides this, many other factors, like rapid loss of weight or pregnancy may both cause our skin to sag due to its state of being stretched beforehand.

Means of Prevention

There are several things to keep in mind in order to keep your skin young and flexible as long as possible. First of all, taking into consideration the facts mentioned above, you should avoid excessive sun exposure. In order to do this correctly, make sure you stay out of sun exposure during the periods from 10 am to 2 pm. Additionally, whenever going out on a sunny day, wear sunscreen and comfortable, long sleeved clothes, as well as sunglasses and hats. If you decide to sunbathe, do it smartly and no longer than 10 minutes per session.

Staying fit and healthy is a must. Therefore, you are highly advised to have a proper diet, rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals, drink sufficient amounts of water and do exercises regularly. All these will ensure your skin to be tight and elastic prolonging its ideal looks. Fruits and vegetables are both excellent sources of these important nutrients. However, if you are not capable of having these every day, make sure you compensate by taking supplements instead.

Additionally, omega 3 fatty acids located in fish oils, are more than excellent additions to your healthy skin. By eating fish along with this type of oil, you will protect your organism from various carcinogenic illnesses. At the same time, your skin will be healthy and beautiful.

Smoking and alcohol abuse are all terrible for your skin and cause its premature deterioration. Thus, quit those, if you plan on having a tight and beautiful skin for as long as possible.

Use skin moisturizers in order to protect your skin and provide it with additional nutrients. These can be applied along with sunscreens and present wonderful additions to your skin protection combination.

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