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It is already well-known and generally accepted that the healthy eating is beneficial and what are the guidelines for leading a healthy lifestyle. So, the balanced intake of the minerals, vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, and proteins is essential for the optimal functioning of the organism, and it is even better to combine the healthy eating regime with regular workouts. But, the guidelines for the organism in development, that is, for the kids that are still in the process of growing, somewhat differs from the generally accepted way of eating healthy foods.


First of all, the eating regime for kids is usually balanced as the plan called ‘’the pyramid of food’’. So, there should be the carefully planned intake of the beneficial nutrients for those in developing, such as calcium, proteins, vitamins and minerals. According to that, there are some recommendable dosages of the natural supplements found in different foods, and those are for example, at least 2 dl of milk, an amount of around one and a half of cup of the veggies, and the same amount of fruit per day.

Also, concerning the meats and beans (because they belong to the group of foods that are rich in proteins), between two and six ounces of them are needed to be consumed on a daily basis.

Of course, the milk should be skimmed and the meat not fatty, for example, the turkey and the chicken have the lower level of fats. This is very useful advice; since obesity is the problem that everyday affects more and more children in the U.S.

Also, concerning that matter and the one of encouraging the better metabolism and digestion, the foods rich in fibers should be introduced into the improved lifestyle of a kid. These kinds of foods are the whole grains and vegetables. The easiest way to make the kid love the whole grains is to offer him or her to eat the cereals for breakfast.

When it comes to the preparing of these foods, the parents should be careful about it, because the more the food is processed with heat, the greater is the amount of the lost nutrients. Because of that, cooking, boiling and frying should be replaced with baking, grilling (even for the vegetables) and roasting.

The latter ones mentioned are the best ways of preparing, since that ways the beneficial ingredients are preserved. But, it is sometimes impossible to eliminate the fried meat completely, so it should be limited to the moderate consumption which could be once per week. Such is the case with snacks, sweets and fast foods, which are, unfortunately, very popular among children nowadays.

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