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Runners and Healthy Diets for Successful Weight loss

Many athletes find it rather difficult to maintain the balance between their slimness and all the substances they take for increasing their overall productiveness and performance. In order for an athlete to be able to ward off those excessive kilograms and not lose on energy and performance, all he needs to do is to embrace a more healthy diet plan, which means to embrace the proper food and consume it at the proper times of the day. Although it may seem highly improbable for athletes to be having excessive weight issues, the reality is quite the opposite. The main issue, which often arises, is the fact that all the recipes for healthy and boosting nutritional diet are actually primarily aimed at those professional athletes. Loads of carbs-rich food, energy bars and drinks, powders, they all do provide effect, but when it comes to amateurs, the outlook is a bit different. The fact is that recreational and amateur runners are not supposed to follow such regimes to the letter.


One, for most people, probably a frightening fact is that the quantity of just 100 surplus calories per day means an unexpected weight gain of no less than 10 pound on a yearly basis. In this case, all those calorie rich snacks were just a bit too much for regular blokes like us. Another fact is that, all the excessive weight that a non-professional runner gains is due to overdoing it with all those energy and performance substances and “food”, and due to paying absolutely no attention to their calorie count. The best possible solution is the following – you, as a no-professional runner, need to pay more attention to what you consume and most of all, you ought to perfectly balance the eating plan you embraced to your running regime. In order to make it easier for yourself, you can follow some of the recommended steps and avoid weight gain on one hand, and get into a perfect shape on the other.

Steps to Shape You Up

What you need to do first and foremost is to establish a firm daily calorie goal. The magic formula goes as follows – person’s present weight has to be multiplied by 13 (number that covers the daily metabolic needs). In a more simplified manner, if your weight is 180 pound, for example, the needed daily calorie count is round 2,340.Next step to success is distributing your calories properly – the overall number of calories required for your successful weight loss needs to be divided in the following manner: 50% need to come from carbohydrates, 25% from proteins and 25% from fats.This step is all about the selection of proper carbohydrates. The above mentioned 50% is all you need on a daily basis. No more and no less. The most suitable sources include fruits such as apples, oranges, nectarines, pears, bananas, peaches and plums, grapefruit, berries, fresh pineapple all medium sized, and one serving of each contains round 50-60 calories.

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