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How many isrecommendable

Well, this is anissue that has been troubling many people, especially in these modern times. Thefact is that the proper calorie intake predominantly depends on a couple offactors, not just one, as many would fancy. These include the likes of person’sheight, overall body weight, fat to muscle ration, gender, age, genes, as wellas physical exercise. In addition, it could be also influenced by certainillnesses present in one’s life, by pregnancy for example etc. One should havein mind that this relates to people in general. On the other hand, when it comesto the members of the female population, only two factors suffice in accurateand precise “diagnosing” of the proper calorie intake - basal metabolicrate (BMR) and physical exercise, respectively.

One of thefastest ways to calculate the calorie needs is by way of employingHarris-Benedict equation. But prior to dashing off to Google, Yahoo or whicheversearch engine one prefers, take some time to get some more technical informationon what the recommended calorie needs, as well as the proper Basal MetabolicRate should be in case of women.


The acronym can bebest described as the amount of energy (i.e. calories) necessary for maintainingproper functioning of the body in those moments of the day endowed with peacefulnessand tranquility. In order for our body to manage the millions of chemicalreactions known to keep our eyes, lungs, kidneys, liver, heart and other vitalorgans in check, it requires a minimum amount of calories. And this is exactlywhat the BMR stands for. In case of the majority of women, more than half thecalories are known to fuel those most basic functions performed by the body.

Physical activity

This is the secondmost important constituent necessary for a proper determination of the woman’scalorie needs. So, the more one exercises, the more calories one requires, ofcourse.

Once the person hasdiscovered the required calorie intake on a daily basis, this very same numberwill also be needed in order to maintain one’s weight. In case a person inquestion seeks to bereave him/herself from those additional pounds – 1 poundin the course of one week for example, a person needs to decrease calorieconsumption, i.e. consume 3,500 lees on a weekly basis. Another option is to limitthe intake and introduce a 2,000 calorie decrease, but burn additional 1,500calories by way of also additional physical activity.

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