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Healthy Diet for Cyclist

Riding a bicycle might just be the one of best exercises ever. Biking doesn’t stress your joints or bones as many other sports, allowing you to strengthen you muscles and lose few pounds, as well. There is a mental aspect, too. Studies have proven that people who ride a bicycle are more outgoing and have a positive frame of mind.

The reason to start biking might be to lose some extra pounds or the competitiveness of the bicycle races. Whatever the cause, you must eat and rest properly, to get the best results from your body. Eating right is immensely important. Not enough nutrients will make you weak and too much (or sufficient amount but of the wrong food) will make you slow.

Healthy cycling diet consist of plenty of fruits and vegetables, dairy products low in fat, whole grains, nuts, beans, eggs, and fish and lean meat. Every cyclist knows that sugar, cholesterol, sodium and fats are not good and that should be avoided at all cost.

Dietitians recommend specific intake of calories for cycling: 30% should come from grain, 30% from fruit and vegetables and 15% of calories should come from each meat and dairy products. Fat and sugar should also find a way to your menu, but specialists advise to keep it under 10% of your daily calories.

Advices for Cyclists

Eat 2 hours before the rideWhile cycling take an energy bar Sports drinks while cycling will compensate the loss of salt and carbohydratesAlways eat after the rideAfter a long ride, take plenty of carbohydrates

Food for Cyclists

Whole Grains

Cyclists are recommended to use rice, pasta and bread. The advised dose is minimum 170g (or 6 ounces) a day. There should be at least 50% of whole grain cereals, such as whole grain corn, whole wheat, oats or brown rice.

Fruits and Vegetables

Athletes should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Generally, it is recommended to eat more than 2.5cups of vegetables and 2 cups of fruits. Avoid fruit juices, and use more dark green and orange vegetables, beans and peas.

Lean Meat

The best way to ensure that your body gets enough proteins is to eat plenty of fish and lean meat. The fish is also rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which is proven to be healthy.

Dairy Products

Cyclists are advised to use low fat dairy products: milk, cheese and yogurt. 3 cups of milk will provide enough calcium for their bones.

Sugar and Fat

Athletes do not benefit when taking sugar of saturated fat. Decrease the intake of cholesterol under 300mg per day and avoid food with added sugar or sweeteners.


Every time you sit on a bike, make sure your water bottle is filled. It is necessary to provide enough fluids, because both through transpiration and breathing, your body is losing water while cycling. It is estimated that under hot conditions you will need a liter of fluids per hour.

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