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Story behind the magic

Given the fact, that there is a greater number of people who think their physical appearance is not in praise worthy, as well as those who are convinced that they can always do more but only need a tiny additional outside kick, supplements have become a rather extremely profitable business venture. Each of them has certain irrefutable claims such as how this particular one builds muscles more rapidly than any available on the market. Others do the same for speed, strength or overall performance. Therefore, it is no wonder that people have become supplemental addicts, which especially goes for those people who are either recreational or professional athletes.

Supplements under the spotlight

Supplement one: Phosphatidylserine is marked as the one supplement that is surely to add up to the muscle building process, and be extremely effective at that. What is thought is that it functions by decreasing the levels of the hormone known as cortisol following the exercise session. It is believed that its most beneficial effect is in breaking down the muscle tissue, and by limiting the outburst of cortisol, the loss of the muscle tissue is also limited. Given the fact that, despite its potentials, it does not fall into the group of the essential ones since our body produces it enough, the dosage that needs to be taken if an athlete is looking to boost some more performance is no more than 800 mg on a daily basis. As for side effects, they are mild in nature (i.e. causes mild digestive stress).

Supplement two: Pyruvate based supplements are extremely desirable among bodybuilders, since it is thought that the above mentioned substance has the potential to decrease unwanted fat in the body, as well as boost overall energy. Certain early researches also suggest that it can also prove to be significant aider in the process of loosing excessive weight. Possible side effects include rare upset of the stomach and also diarrhea.

Supplement three: Conjugated Linoleic Acid presents a blend of various types of the linoleic acid (otherwise known as one of the vital fatty acids). It is most often employed as a supplement that aids in the fat burning process. As far as the proper dosage is concerned, it should be taken no more than 3-5 g on a daily basis. More severe side effects have not yet been discovered, but it is not recommended for children, pregnant and nursing women, and people suffering from some type of a kidney disease, since the most appropriate dosage is yet to be established.

Supplement four: Lipoic Acid is also alpha-lipoic acid, found in its natural form in our body, where it is responsible for transforming sugar from the blood directly into usable energy, needed for the proper functioning of our body. It is also known to have antioxidant properties, and is used in neutralizing free radicals, which represent health hazard.

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