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American athletes often reach top scores in many sports andmany times these people look taller, stronger or more energized than all othercompetitors. When asked about the cause of their success, many of them say it’sthe way they exercise, but how and what they eat is no less important. Specificdiet and nutrition are what differentiate Americans from all others, that’s forsure. By eating proper food, they can have some extra strength and energy thatcome extremely handy in the competitions.

Creatine for Powerful Muscles

Creatine has found its way in many American sports, sincethis substance is known to improve the muscles and overall physical capability.

Creatine works by being converted into the energy fuel forour cells, once it enters the body. This substance becomes adenosine triphosphateor ATP in our body and as such it is stored in the mitochondria. When ourmuscles need energy, this ATP is exactly what is required, and the muscles cando much more than usually with all this stored energy. Using creatine, you cantrain longer hours than normal and also with increased intensity. As a result, you will have better performance and gain lean muscle mass. Weight lifters,sprinting athletes and anyone who wants better athletic performance, increasedendurance or simply lean muscles can use creatine. Some people even claim thatthis supplement has the ability to protect the human heart.

This substance is also found naturally and it comes as theingredient of many foods we normally eat. Because of that creatine isconsidered to be safe to use and it shouldn’t affect hormones in the body.When buying creatine, what you need is 100% creatine monohydrate of pure pharmaceuticalgrade and most people will benefit from the dose of 1.000g of creatine.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is also very important in nutrition of allAmerican athletes. This protein is of high quality, and it provides plenty ofessential amino acids. At the same time, whey protein doesn’t contain lactoseand it is also predigested and has few calories.

Many athletes prefer the taste of whey protein much morethan any other protein and they often combine it with some water, milk orrice.

This protein will improve the strength of your muscles,since proteins are focused on building of the muscles. Proteins arerecommended to both athletes and regular everyday people, because they canprovide bulkier, stronger and also leaner muscles. According to the statistics,average Americans consume 6g of proteins by eating vegetables, which is about5% of total daily intake of protein.

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