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There are several nutrition supplements that any marathon runner should use in order to improve their running performance, maintain their endurance and overall health while they run. Some sorts of sport nutrition supplements may contain more than one or combination of supplements. Here is a short list of some of those supplements recommended for marathon runners.

VasodilatorsVasodilators are special sport nutrition supplements used in many kind of sports especially one that are put a very heavy physical strain on the contestants like body building and marathon. Vasodilators improve blood flow trough whole body by opening up the blood vessels, and by doing that allow more oxygen and nutritions to enter the all cell faster. This type of nutricients allows you to be more efficient and improve overall endurance and performance of the body.

Multi VitaminsMinerals and multi vitamins are most commonly used nutrition supplements in all sport activities. Those two groups of supplements ensures that your body has everything it needs to perform at highest level of endurance, stamina and efficiency. Some of the vitamins are water based and it should be taken daily.

GlutamineIf you are in any kind of endurance sports, not just marathon running, Glutamine is essential supplement. Glutamine amino acid usually found in your muscles, plasma, and your skeletal muscles (65% of them is composed of Glutamine), and should be replaced by Glutamine supplement regularly. Glutamine also boosts your immune system, and shortens the time needed for recover after severe workout.

AntioxidantsAntioxidants supplements are also a must for any marathon runner. Antioxidants supplements contains Selenium, carotenoids and vitamins C and E. Due to very strenuous exercise when you run for a long time and for extended distances, your body produces many free radicals. Free radicals may cause damage to your body, and Antioxidants supplements successfully prevent that from happening.

Fatty AcidEssential supplements for any marathon runner. Fatty acids provide protection and lubrication for joints and enable them to move more easily and smoothly, without rubbing or inflammation as side effects of physical strain. Without fatty acids your joints are prone to more tear and wear, stiffness, pain, etc.

ProteinIn order to repair and build your muscles, as any body builder or marathon runner know, you need protein supplements. Without enough protein, your muscles will not be able to endure any harder physical strain, or to successfully repair themselves afterwards. Because days are needed to rebuild and recover for muscle strain, protein supplement should be used at all time not just before the race.

Joint supportJoint support nutrition supplements are used to strengthen ligaments and joints, ant to prevent any damage on them. This type of supplements usually contains Glucosamine, MSM and Chrondroitin.

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