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Getting ready to “diet”

In case you are about to embrace any of the available diet regimes and programs for the purpose of losing those excessive pounds, the first step you are to take is probably making your diet as rich as possible in those healthy and ever beneficial fruits. One of the reasons behind this is, of course, the fact that fruits are considered to be the healthiest natural food there is. In addition, they are extremely rich in vitamins and minerals but are also regarded as an extremely abundant source of compounds known as phytochemicals. These compounds, in turn, are considered extremely health beneficial. But in order to make your diet “hale and hearty” one as experts and dieticians point out, a person ought to enrich his/her every day diet with no less than five different fruit varieties. Another plus side of fruits is the fact that those people seeking to lose excessive weight can get a whole lot of benefits out of them. And this is not just a fad as many would think at first, because of the simple fact that the diets that have become the most sought after are actually based in fruits, which make up their most essential ingredients. But a fact everybody should be completely aware of is that, despite their numerous health benefits and positive effects, fruits are also rich in calories since they contains carbohydrates, as well as natural sugars as well. This caloric value is, however, not the same for all fruits, but it varies from one kind to another.

Calorie counts revealed

The diets that provide most health related benefits and the most desired effects are those based on fruit and vegetables, of course. Aside from giving a person in question great amounts of nutrients, these diets are also desirable because of the fact that they also have an enormous potential to initiate and promote the loss of excessive weight. One of the most effective strategies relies on the fact that the presence of water and fibers, in which fruits abound, has the ability to promote stomach satiation and thus prevent the consuming of large amounts of calories. But having in mind the fact that each fruit has different calorie count, in case you do plan to restrict your diet by means of restricting the calories in it, then you should carefully plan ahead which fruits your are to include in your daily diet. Here is some information regarding some fruit and the calorie count:

Apple (medium-sized) 60-80Avocado (medium-sized) 240-260Blueberries (1 cup) 50-80Blackberries (1 cup) 50-65Cherries (1 medium-sized) 5Coconut (1 cup shredded) 270-285Coconut Water (1 cup) 45-50Cranberries (½ cup) 20-25Grapefruit (1 large) 100-110Grapes (1 grape) 3-5Kiwifruit (1 medium-sized) 30Lemon (1 medium-sized) 15-25Mandarin (1 medium-sized) 35-45Mango (1 medium-sized) 100-130Nectarine (1 medium-sized) 40-60Oranges (1 medium-sized) 70-80Peaches (1 medium-sized) 40Pears (1 medium-sized) 75-90

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