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No one really enjoys a salad without a proper dressing, at least not as much as they do with it. And, those who say they do are rather deceiving themselves in order to avoid the potential danger of taking in all the unhealthy ingredients that these dressings usually contain, and thereby gaining weight when eating the salad with it. It is quite unfortunate that these delicious salad dressings tend to be very high in fat and calories and pretty unhealthy.

What is the appropriate amount of dressing to use in a salad?

First of all, it is important to mention that the ingredients are not the only issue when it comes to unhealthy salad dressings. They are the majority of the issue indeed, but not the only one. Another issue lies in the quantity of the dressing that is put into the salad. This is something that people rarely ever pay attention to; therefore, they tend to go overboard with the amount of the dressing, when all it really takes is very little dressing that is just properly integrated into the salad.

What are the unhealthy ingredients that the dressings tend to contain?

As for the ingredients problems, they are numerous. One of them is the fact that all these dressings contain so many sugar additives, as well as other kinds of carbohydrates. The problem is that even low-fat dressings have this problem. Not only that, but they contain even more carbohydrates to make up in taste for the lack of fat in them. There is not much to do here, except try to find the most suitable alternatives, which is to say, the dressings that have the least amount of carbohydrates possible.

Aside from that, the oils used to give additional flavor to the salad are commonly of mediocre quality or they contain a quite unhealthy amount of saturated fats. The best alternative among these oils is olive oil. Other acceptable alternatives include canola oil and soybean oil.

A recommended homemade dressing

It is inevitable for a dressing to be a bit unhealthy; otherwise it wouldn’t have the appealing taste it does. However, there are some small tricks to reduce the level of the unhealthy ingredients it contains.

A salad dressing that is quite delicious and also very simple to make requires mixing oil together with vinegar or lemon juice, depending on the preference, and adding some salt and pepper. The amount of oil should be three times greater than the amount of vinegar.

For those who prefer their dressings creamier, they can base them on mayonnaise or sour cream, after which they can add herbs or whichever flavors they enjoy, finally topping them with vinegar or lemon juice.

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