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People who are trying to cut back on food and loose a few of those extra pounds are likely to skip breakfast entirely. This is a very common mistake, while the smart thing to do would be to not eat in the evening hours.

However, this is not the only reason that skipping breakfast is not a good idea. Another reason would be that breakfast is perhaps the sole essential meal of the day because it provides energy for the majority of it. But whether the reason for skipping breakfast is diet or a busy schedule or something else entirely, it is important to emphasize that the habit should be dropped.

People need to start including breakfast into their daily routines and there are numerous possibilities that are both very nutritious and low in calories.

How to prepare whole wheat pancakes

When thinking of a healthy breakfast, pancakes are not exactly the first thing to come to mind, but even they can be quite healthy, when the right kind is chosen. That means that they are not to be bought in a supermarket, but homemade. Whole wheat pancakes even have the advantage of being less hard on the stomach than the ones from the store and they taste just as yummy.

Those worrying about the time it takes to prepare them can be at ease, as it doesn’t take longer than fifteen minutes. All it takes is mixing a cup of whole wheat flour with a teaspoon of baking powder half a spoon of baking soda in one bowl and an egg with a cupful of buttermilk and a couple of teaspoons of honey in the other.

After that, the contents of the two bowls are to be blended together and cooked on a medium-heat stove. They are particularly delicious when served with fruit and maple syrup.

How to prepare French toast

French toast is a very popular breakfast choice, but there is a difference in making regular French toast and the one that is low in fat and calories. It takes about ten minutes to prepare it and it’s done by mixing together a cup and a half of egg substitute and a couple of teaspoons of vanilla extract and cinnamon. After that, the bread is to be soaked into this mixture on both sides and grilled afterward.

The bread itself is extremely appetizing when it’s prepared in this manner, not to mention when it’s topped with some fruits or maple syrup.

These are just a few possibilities of the kind of breakfast that is both very healthy and low-fat. Each person should find the low-fat version of the food they prefer and start including it as their breakfast. Not only will this kind of food not make them gain weight at all, but the breakfast will also help them feel more energized while performing their daily activities.

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