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Taking care of goldfish

Usually, people believe that taking care of a goldfish is no problem, and that it is something even a small child can do properly.

This is probably true in most cases, but people who take goldfish very seriously, believe that there are feeding regimes that are designed to keep the fish as health as it can be and to have the fish maintain its color and to live a long and healthy life.

A goldfish will eat almost anything that is given to them, from meat to vegetables.

However, they need less protein than most aquarium fish, because most if their diet consists of vegetable matter.

Since goldfish are perpetually hungry, it is very hard to refrain from overfeeding them.

Usually a goldfish will be able to survive two weeks without food, but it is best to feed them twice a day.

Types of food

The most common type of food that is made for goldfish is flake food, which is different from the flake food made for tropical fish because need different nutrients.

Flake food will provide a good stable for the goldfish’s diet.

Pellet food is very similar to flake food, and usually contains only one type of ingredient, such as brine shrimp.

Even though, goldfish love to eat live food, pet shops will usually have a limited number of live food choices for goldfish, and once again, it will usually be limited to brine shrimp.

Amateurs should not try to cultivate their own live food, because that can lead to disease if the person is not an expert.

Frozen food is a good alternative, because it can provide the nutrients of live food while protecting from disease because it was frozen.

Frozen brine shrimp, daphnia, tubifex worms and mosquito larvae can all be purchased at most any pet store.


It is important to know that even feeding flake food to the goldfish requires some kind of preparation.

The food needs to be soaked first so that it can drop into the water, because food that is floating on the water surface, when eaten can cause the fish to swallow air with the food, which will lead to constipation.

Pellet food also needs to be soaked so that it is digested more easily, because, if eaten dry, it can get stuck in the goldfish’s digestive tract.

Soaking the food for five to ten minutes before lowering it into the tank should do the trick, and should allow the goldfish to feed without having any problems result from the meal.

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