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Wholesome baby food: organic baby food

When babies are born, in the next half a year they will feed only on breast milk. This is the period that most experts and health organizations agree upon. They also agree that milk from the mother is essential and should not be replaced with artificial or foreign milk sources. The main reason for this is because the digestive system and the respiratory system of a baby are quite delicate and tender and are only able to derive nutrients from breast milk. Because a baby can consume only breast milk for the first six months, these months are considered to be the most critical for the growth of the baby. When these six months have passed the baby is ready to consume some other and more complex foods. In most cases, parents give canned and processed food to the baby without knowing that it is not that healthy. There are no strong evidences why this food is unhealthy but the ingredients of these foods are not meant for the infant to digest.

Advantages of organic baby food

The best type of food a parent can offer his or her baby is homemade organic baby food. Easy digestion is the main advantage of this food. In addition, it will not hurt the digestive system of the baby. Nutritional value of homemade organic baby food is in its concentration and in the fibrous matter and vitamin derivation. Canned baby food has a fine amount of preservatives and chemicals that will give absolutely no nutrition to the body of a baby.

Elimination of unwanted additives and preservatives

Probably the best thing about organic baby food is that it contains so few additives that the digestive system of the baby does not has to work too hard.

Vitamins and fibers

Because of the fact that organic food for the babies is made right on the spot and served fresh, no fibers or vitamins will be lost. On the other hand, canned baby food loses all the vitamins, proteins and fibers that a baby requires.


Hygiene is another factor that goes in the favor of homemade organic food. Since it is made at home, all the needed hygiene measures can be maintained. Canned and packed baby food is made with various machines and there are ingredients in in that the baby may not like. However, if a person prepares the food at home, he or she can add ingredients the baby likes.

Sources of organic baby food

In order to get the recipes for this food, parents can talk to specific doctors. They can also check some books and the internet for information.

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