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Several types of food borne illnesses can target a person, butone of the most serious is the botulism food poisoning. A botulism bacterium isresponsible for this poisoning and it connects to the nerves that areresponsible for the muscle control. This bacterium enters via the bloodstreamand creates the mentioned connection. There are serious problems that can becaused by this problem, such as suffocating, which can occur if the problem isaffecting the muscles responsible for the respiratory system and the botulismfood poisoning receives no treatment. We will get more familiar with thiscondition in the following lines.


The botulism bacterium releases certain toxins responsible for thesymptoms associated with the problem in question. Usually these symptomspresent themselves from 12 to 36 hours after contractingthe bacterium. But in some cases the symptoms needed only four hours to arise.The most common symptoms include drooping eyelids, vertigo, dizziness, weaknessand marked fatigue, but the condition may progress and cause breathing problems,speaking troubles, swallowing problems, dry mouth and blurred vision. Othersymptoms include diarrhea, constipation, vomiting and abdominal swelling.Another possible symptom is arm and neck muscle weakness, which can includelower body and respiratory muscles as well. Respirator may be needed forcertain patients for several weeks.

Origins of Botulism

The bacterium clostridium botulinum is responsible for the creation of theproblem we are talking about. This bacterium can only be present in a conditionwhere there is no oxygen, so we should not be surprised due to the fact thatbotulism food poisoning is most commonly caused by the consumption of cannedfood. This happens because this food is not heated accordingly during themanufacture. This bacterium has been located in beets, mushrooms, spinach,green beans, fish (such as canned tuna, fermented fish, salted fish and smokedfish, meat products (like chicken, sausages, ham, stew and chili). The botulismfood poisoning is a very serious problem that can even endanger your life.

Infant Botulism and Symptoms

This is the most common type of botulism food poisoning and it mostly seenamong babies between six weeks and six months. They can come in contact withthe bacterium due to food, like corn sugar, honey of any contaminated food, orcontact with the soil that has spores of clostridium botulinum bacteria. The mostcommon symptoms of this condition are paralysis, weak cry, sucking problems,feeding problems, floppy muscles caused by weak muscles, head control problems,tiredness and drooping eyelids. See a doctor immediately if you see suchsymptoms in your child.

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