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When it comes to healthy living and eating, many will say that they do not have enough time and money to apply that way of living. And, it is simply not true. Eating and living healthy is much cheaper than snacks, sweets and soda juices. It is important to be aware of the fact that we also pay with one more thing - years of our life simply melt down in front of the bad habits.


Whenever something has to be planned, there are some things that have to be set. The most important one is the goal, the final result that we want to achieve with a changed lifestyle. What does this mean? When we talk about healthy lunch planning, the best thing would be to make a weekly schedule, a monthly one, if possible. When all ingredients are bought, no more money will be spent on that particular meal. The next thing is timing. In order to prevent hunger and overeating later on, all meals including lunch should be consumed in more or less exact time. It might sound a bit difficult to organize at least 3 major meals in the same time each and every day, but eating like that will prevent hunger and allow painful reduction of food amount, if that is necessary. Another advice is to buy different ingredients, so that lunches do not repeat, which might lead to boredom and finally breaking the cycle of regular and healthy eating. And of course, all ingredients should be very healthy with low value of bad calories.


Living with some sort of discipline in life sometimes requires a lot of psychological strength. Therefore, when it comes to healthy lunch planning, it is not easy to maintain a healthy rhythm. It is always easier to be on a healthy diet with another household member, for easier preparation and support. As for some example (for lunch sandwich), well, you can just put anything that is healthy between two pieces of bread. And that bread is not white, of course. All types of vegetables that are your favorites, with low fat meat (poultry) or tuna (or some other fish), with a glass of favorite healthy juice (homemade from fruits, not some chemicals bought in a store) or water, is all that a good and healthy sandwich needs. When it comes to cooked meals, the variety is vast and beautiful, with the choice of dozens, if not hundreds, of no fat spices that will make each and every meal a feast for our tasting senses.

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