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Thai Cuisine

Many people enjoy Thai food more thanany other type of meals. What is more, these people have theirreasons to back their desires up. Namely, Thai food is known to beone of the best tasting types of food on the face of the earth. Thisis due to the fact that these types of food have been developed foryears and have been influenced by numerous different cultures. Thus,everyone can find something they like to eat as a basic part of Thaicuisine. Furthermore, this food is considered very healthy by manywho stick to it, even when takeaways are taken into consideration.This is because Thai food uses meat of small animals, which islow-fat, sliced and mixed with many different vegetables, creating ahealthy explosion of taste which is bound to make your senses gowild. Also, Thai food, similarly to Chinese, is served with noodlesor rice, thus being without all the harmful substances we eat throughbread, white flour etc. Nevertheless, not to jump to conclusions,Thai food's healthy values depend on the type of food eaten in thefirst place. So, read on to find which parts of the Thai cuisine willprovide you with best nutrients and least fat.

Good or Bad?

There are Thai meals which are greasysince they come with pork slices and other fatty meals. However,there are plenty of meals which are perfectly balanced. In fact, Thaifood is known for its balancing of meals, since, usually, if the maincourse is spicy, other parts of the meal will compensate for that,being mild and pleasant for a hungry palate. This balance hascontributed to the popularity of Thai food too, since it adds on todifferent tastes and variety.

Many different Thai recipes useturmeric, which is a very good source of antioxidants, treating andpreventing numerous diseases and infections. Also, Thai ginger doeswonders for our digestive system, being a valuable ingredient in manyThai dishes. Coriander, which is also used a lot in this kitchen,encompasses both of the values the previous two ingredients have,adding some by protecting your heart from many diseases and boostingyour appetite. Coconut oil, another frequent addition, boosts ourimmunity and metabolism, providing us with priceless omega3 fattyacids. Finally, lemongrass is yet another part of Thai cuisine whichprotects us from diseases like cold and flu, as well as arthritis,fungal infections and many others.

Therefore, you can only benefit fromconsuming Thai dishes, since, in many aspects, these are superior tomost other.

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