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Your health

Your health and wellness is one of the most important things in your life. The best part of it is that you can take control upon these things. All you need is some knowledge, some determination and some good will. So, here are some tips:


Take care of nutrition. Nutrition is the fuel for your body. It helps you grow, be healthy, think, and work. If you miss some of the nutrition, your body will react. The main source of nutrition for your body is food. Food should be diverse, so your body can absorb as much different nutrition (vitamins, minerals, etc.) as it is possible. Off course, it is very hard to obtain all nutrition your body needs just from food. Don't worry; the supplements will fill that gap. So try to eat healthy, organic, drink filtered water, take some multivitamins, take 2000 mg of vitamin C and 5000 ui of vitamin D3 daily, and this will help your body.

Sleep and rest. You should sleep for at least 8 hours per day. The sleep is the time for your body to recharge, repair and rest. So don't forget to provide your body with some quality sleep. Do not eat anything for at least 2 hours before going to bed, try to stop thoughts when you lie down, go to bed at a similar time like the night before and eliminate all the noises.

You need to exercise. Exercising helps you digest, move lymph, it enhances the blood circulation and it helps your body detoxify. Try it. Just 15 minutes to half an hour will do. Do the oxygen deprivation exercises. They are good for your heart and lungs. Sprint or walk up the stairs. Try to exercise until you lose your breath. Lift heavy stuff. The purpose of these exercises is to deprive oxygen. This pushes your heart and lungs to increase their capacity.

Dispose of all the toxins. In the world of polluted air, soil and water detoxification is very important thing to do. The best ways to do this are sauna and chlorophyll (chlorella, wheatgrass, Kamut).

Manage your stress. Stress is something you can't avoid. On a long term basis, it leads you to a hormone misbalance, which can lead you to some physical and mental health problems. If you are unable to control the things that cause stress, control your mind. Think positive and focus on a positive stuff. Try to breathe deeply, to meditate. Do the things you like, and even hypnosis might be a solution.

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