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In this text, we will focus on the ways you can be healthy and remain healthy at your place of employment.

Tips regarding nutrition, clothing and health

The first tip is to always eat breakfast. Never avoid eating breakfast, because it will be good on your metabolism. Before you go to work, take yogurt, bowl of oatmeal, toast, fruit, cereals or whatever you can find in your kitchen, but never forget to eat breakfast. Try to get a carpool or bus pass, because they will decrease the stress and increase physical activity. Good idea is to park a bit farther from the office, if you are driving a car, since walking to the office will give you an even better exercise.

Clothing is also important, because if you do not feel comfortable, your performance may be impaired. Remember to always wear something you feel comfortable in. Eating lunch in your office is a good way to save some money, so remember to always pack your lunch at home, since meals should not be skipped. You can pack some fruit, like banana or apple, and vegetables can also be used. If eating out, ask before you order and see what type of nutritional facts and portion size they serve. Flu shots are also very useful, so ask in the office of your health provider how to get this shot. There are expensive flu shots, so ask around where you can get them for free.

Tips regarding physical activity

Breaks are good for your health, but whenever, you are on break, try to go outside, since fresh air will help with the blood flow and concentration. Breaks are very important since they will help you clear your mind and make your work more productive. You will also be more active, which is another benefit.

Walking meeting can sometimes be done, and they will do well for every participant. Do not forget to take at least eight glasses of water during the day. Try to laugh with your co-workers as much as you can. These activities will decrease the stress and improve the blood flow. Try to monitor your health, things like blood glucose levels or blood pressure. It is also important not do go to work if you are feeling under the weather. Body has to be active, so try to do some activity, like running, walking or gardening, for at least 30 minutes during one day. Also, sleep is important, so get enough of it. Remember always to maintain your hand hygiene. Clean them as much as you can.

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