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During holidays, the people usuallywant to do things that they are not able to do over the year. That kind of lifestyle can cause weakness and even depression for some individuals. What happensin the organism is that distress arouses the autonomic nervous system, and herewe will discuss about ways to maintain the health of this system.

About autonomic system

Our nervous system can be dividedin the voluntary and autonomic system. The first one is responsible forvoluntary movements and sensations, and it includes our awareness, while thesecond one, autonomic, is responsible for vital functions, which include allorgans in our body and everything that our body does without our consciousness.Autonomic system is also divided in two systems, sympathetic andparasympathetic.

Sympathetic system is triggeredonly when there is a perception of some danger, and when activated, it enhancesthe work of glands and organs. The activity of this system causes numerouschanges in our body, so that we have more strength to run or to fight, and thisreaction can be very exhausting for the body. There is a lot of energy lostform the body and that causes tiredness.

We can say that parasympatheticsystem does the opposite to our body, because it helps our body to regenerateand relax, it enhances positive thinking, and cures us physically andpsychologically. The longer our parasympathetic system is activated, the longerwe are recovering. One of these two systems is always awake, though thesympathetic has the priority, since it has the function to keep us alive.However, parasympathetic system is more beneficial for us and the plan is tokeep it activate as long as we can.

Autonomic imbalance

There are balanced individuals,sympathetic dominance and parasympathetic dominance. These three names are usedto describe different activation styles of autonomic system. Balanced personsare those who use both, sympathetic and parasympathetic systems, and can easilyswitch from one to another. When they want to sleep - they sleep, when they aredistressed - they react. Sympathetic dominance describes those individuals whoare primarily using sympathetic system. When sympathetic activity is prolonged,a person feels tired and weak.

Parasympathetic dominance can be positive andnegative. Negative occurs more frequently due to the exhaustion of sympatheticsystem, and is very unhealthy. Positive is healthy and it can be seen at thoseindividuals who are living in the presence, feeling happy and loose.

Tips on what to do

Try to think and feel aspositively as you can. Appreciate what you have and try to forgive everyone,because it will make you feel happier and more satisfied. Do not look uponothers as they are better, and try not to think negatively, which you can dothat with the help of a therapist or a friend. Eat healthy food that containsminerals and vitamins necessary for your nervous system. Workouts and sleep arealso very important. Try to live a healthy life without too much stress.

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