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For a woman, as well as for every human being, it is important to look after her body and health. Below, I will give you some tips that might help you achieve good shape and feel.

Health Tips

1. Move. Find the way to move your body on a daily basis. If you're given the choice, climb stairs rather than using escalator or elevator. Walk with your friends, run with your kids. If you're able and have a spare time, organize a sports day. It is necessary for your limbs to move, so grab every opportunity to do it. This small amount of daily movement will help you a lot, because it will be easier for you to lose fat and you'll feel better.

2. Say no to fat. You already know that staying off the fried food will do nothing but good for you. Well, that's true. Try not to consume bacon, ham, salami, burgers, and consume milk, cream, yogurt and cheese in their low-fat versions. This stands for mayonnaise, margarine, butter, and sauces. When you eat meat, do not excess. It is better for you to eat fish, though.

3. Stop smoking. Needless to say, but smoking is nothing but the unnecessary pollution you take willingly. It will lead to almost every disease of modern man. Many types of cancer, heart and brain diseases are the direct consequence of smoking. Do not take the Hollywood stars with cigarette in their mouth for your role model.

4. Stress issue. Stress is a really major threat to your body. It shuts down your immunity and, therefore, makes you vulnerable to many diseases. Try to think positive, do something you like, spare some time with the people you like. Try to meditate.

5. Avoid pollution. As the majority of us live in an environment polluted with smog, this is something that you can't escape from. However, you can escape from smoke-filled rooms, high density traffic... Try to spend your time surrounded by the trees, don't exercise when concentration of smog is too high.

6. Don't start your car until you buckle up the seat-belt on. Statistics show that you could avoid many injuries if you're using your seat-belt when you participate in a traffic accident and that your chances of survival dramatically rise.

7. Floss your teeth. Some recent studies showed the direct connection between how often you floss your teeth and how long you'll live. Do I need to say more?

8. Try not to drink too much. Glass or two of every drink will bring some benefits to your body and mind. More than that might get you a cirrhosis, liver, kidney, heart and mental problems and some types of cancer.

9. Cheer up! A positive mental outlook is directly related to your mental and physical health. Do the things you like to do.

10. Make a good choice of your parents. Because the genes play a master role regarding your health, the health of your parents will definitely somewhere determine your health. Since you're unable to choose your parents, try to obey to previous 9 tips and leave this one to us.

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