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Life of a typical college student can be very unhealthy. There is no time for anything. Everybody is too busy to exercise, to sleep, or to eat properly. Also, there are germs everywhere with so much people being crowded all the time. So, will you just go with the flow or will you try to do something to stay healthy while on a college campus? It is easy, just a few everyday tricks can do the work.

You are what you eat

Overindulging in snacks, energy drinks and junk food is typical for college students. Try to avoid this as much as possible. Do away with late dinners or night snacks, these contribute to weight gain. Do not skip breakfast, it will give you energy to focus during the morning lectures and make you less likely to overeat at lunch. A bowl of cereal will do if you have no time to prepare anything more complicated or time-consuming. Also, try to eat enough. If you are one of students with eating disorders, it would be best to seek advice in campus counselling centre.

To drink, or not to drink

Well now, this sounds like it's all about alcoholic beverages. You are not a kid anymore and you should know what to do. Don't overindulge in alcohol, it will help you to avoid hangovers, alcohol poisoning or alcohol addiction. It can also help you avoiding getting the infamous beer belly. What you should drink is water. Fizzy drinks and sodas are usually too tempting to be resisted, but most of those, that are not water, is basically a health hazard.

Slept well?

There are people who can sleep just for a couple of hours and get a good rest from it. But most people cannot. Unfortunately, with so much to do, sleep is usually pushed to the bottom of 'to do' list. Sure, everybody can pull a night or two with little sleep, but it is a bad idea in the long run. Hard as it may be, try to maintain a sleeping pattern, as our bodies do not function very well when their wakefulness-sleep rhythm is, well, off rhythm.

Flex that muscle

A sound mind in a sound body, goes the proverb. Don't just bench-press those exams with your gray cells, get some physical activity. Walk as often as you can, or get a bike and use it for commuting instead of driving around in your car. It is both greener and easier on your (proverbially tight) student's budget. Another good thing to do is to get regular health checks.


Relax as much as you can. Getting sediments of stress or freaking out and about will do you no good. If you are on or over the edge, try counselling, or sign up for a stress management course.

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