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Pranayama is the yoga breathing. It is a technique of breath control which consists of specially designed exercises. These exercises include systematic and deep breathing techniques. If you have decided to practice pranayama, you should seek proper guidance. The majority of people take breathing process for granted, as it is a simple procedure where you breathe in, and then out and that is the whole point. Proper breathing is extremely important for your physical and mental health because if you do not inhale enough oxygen, your entire body can suffer from certain consequences. Oxygen is crucial element which keeps the organs vital and secures their proper function.


Proper breathing can prevent the damage to your organs. If you practice pranayama the blood will be able to transport more oxygen into the organs so they will be vital and maintain their proper function. Pranayama can make your immune system stronger. A strong immune system is important because it helps the body fight against various infections. Pranayama can help the body get rid of the toxins since it improves the function of digestive tract. Breathing exercises can reduce blood pressure. Pranayama can keep your heart healthy due to the adequate amount of oxygen in the blood. Pranayama also helps the body and mind to relax and be focused.

Mental Health

Pranayama improves your mental health because it releases you from stress, anger or aggravation. Depressed people who practice pranayama can have many benefits from it because it can help find inner peace, concentrate and stay focused. Pranayama can provide better sleep which is very important for the overall health. If you feel constant weakness and tiredness, you may develop anxiety. Proper breathing exercises can take the tiredness away and this can boost your energy levels.

Aging Problems

When you come into the certain age, your lungs become less elastic and therefore they do not function well as they had before. Pranayama can improve the function of your lungs and restore your vitality. It can also relieve the health problems associated with uric acid which causes constant ache in the joints. Pranayama will also reduce the stiffness in the joints as well as in the muscles. It can ease the symptoms of rheumatism, and prevent pain in the back and headaches. Your arteries become thicker and harder with age, so you are at risk of cardiovascular disease. Pranayama can improve the condition of your arteries and stimulate blood flow.

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