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The change of nutrition that can reduce your weight cannot happen overnight. This is a steady process which will gradually remove harmful food from your nutrition. Being overweight bring several risks, and those are high blood pressure, heart problems, type 2 diabetes, and even cancer. Even a slight weight loss can bring better body condition. Your body will be healthier if you reduce your weight by 10%. We will give you several pieces of advice you can try out.


The first thing you have to do is to eat healthy, but physical activity is very important as well. Be sure to incorporate 30 minutes of exercising during the day. If you cannot work out alone, try to invite the family. If you do this, pounds will start to melt. Do this moderate intensity 30 minutes workout, and the results will come. This workout involves 30 minutes long walk for 2 miles, 30 minutes bicycling for 5 miles and 30 minutes of fast dancing. Remember that, if you are over 40 or having some heart problem, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis or high blood pressure, you have to talk with your doctor before beginning with the workout. You can also ride bike or walk, if you cannot perform the workout. You can also reduce the training to 10 minutes three times during one day. If workout is something you do not enjoy doing, there are many other activities which can keep you active. They are walking to the mall or jogging.

We have mentioned nutrition. There are three groups based on the amount of the calories consumed during the day. The first group takes 1600 calories and consists of inactive women. Mid group takes 2200 calories, while 2800 calories is the third group, which is usually comprised of active men. When you eat, try to eat food with low calories number, because, if you consume more calories than needed, you will gain weight. So it is important to eat just the amount you need. To do this, try to measure the amounts you eat. This will help you to detect how much you need and how it looks like on the plate. Try to substitute the food you like with the same low fat substitute. For example, use oven fried chicken instead of fried chicken. Eat turkey ham, smoked turkey, garlic and onions instead of salt pork and ham hocks. Use turkey breasts instead of ground beef, whereas plain yogurt can be used instead of sour cream. Spices, lemon, vinegar, lime and herbs can substitute salt. Milk is important for the nutrition because of the calcium which it contains. If you do not tolerate lactose, use low fat yogurt or dark leafy vegetables in order to take the calcium needed.G

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