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Dialectical behavioral therapy was designed by MarshaLinehan for the treatment of patients who suffer from borderline personalitydisorder. The great thing about this treatment plan is that it utilizes certainskills which anyone can use, and that includes both mentally ill and healthypeople. The aforementioned skills are very efficient in keeping one’s mindsharp, maintaining the stability of relationships and providing one with peaceof mind. If a person or some of their loved ones suffer from excessive amountof stress or some kind of mental illness, these skills may come in very handy.Marsha Linehan is famous for her acronyms used as names of certain aspects orparts of the therapy. PLEASE stands for – treat PhysicaL illness, balanceEating, avoid mood-Altering drugs, balance Sleep, get Exercise. Even thoughthese concepts are pretty much simple, there are a large number of people whoactually cannot follow them rather easily.


Treat physical illness is a phrase which means that a personshould get plenty of rest and perhaps go visit a doctor if there is an illnessor sickness present. One first needs to recover the mental health, because itis a scientifically proven fact that if the mind feels bad, the body will startfeeling bad as well, and vice versa. Balance eating is a phrase which impliesthat a person should have a healthy and a well balanced diet. Foods may affectthe neurotransmitters in the brain, and excessive amounts of sweets andcaffeine should be avoided. Avoid mood-altering drugs is a phrase which impliesthat a person should not consume alcoholic beverages and should stay away fromthe drugs. Those who are mentally ill should definitely avoid alcohol becauseit can negate the effects of medicaments and it may also induce depression. Itis perfectly fine to have a glass of wine from time to time, but any excessivedrinking needs to be avoided. Balanced sleep is very important because both themind and the body require sufficient amounts of sleep so that they couldfunction properly. 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night is the recommended amount. Havingless or more than 7 to 9 sleeping hours per night can be harmful for theemotional and physical health of a person. Get exercise is a phrase whichimplies that a person should indulge in 30 minutes of exercises or physicalactivities each day.

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