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The fact that it can affect one’s health is seldom the firstassociation one has to light. But this is, in fact, true. Light can be bothquite beneficial to it, or rather damaging. Natural light has many positiveeffects to one’s health and they are becoming more and more recognized in variousspheres of life, even architects are seriously taking them into considerationwhen designing buildings. However, not only natural, but artificial light aswell, can influence a person, whether it is for the better or for worse.

Positive effect of artificial light

Multiple studies have proven that certain lighting canempower certain actions. For example, white light which also containsblue-light shades can be extremely helpful in office surroundings, for it cannot only help the workers remain more focused during work hours, but alsodecrease feelings of exhaustion and inability to fall asleep in the evening.Furthermore, getting different light shades for different rooms in the house canalso be a very good idea. Therefore, white lights with any kind of shades,whether they are blue or some other color, will most definitely have a positiveeffect on one’s concentration, and they are put to good use in rooms in whichone performs any kind of activity requiring a state of alertness and focus. Onthe other hand, the rooms which are meant for relaxation and leisure are bestto be equipped with lights of yellow and red shades that will be devoid of thiseffect on one’s state of mind.

Negative effect of artificial light

Unfortunately, the effects of light are not only beneficial.It is proven that if a person is frequently exposed to artificial light innighttime, it tampers with their ability to produce melatonin, the hormonewhich controls sleeping and waking cycles. What this hormone does besides thatis lower one’s possibility of getting breast cancer. But since it is producedat night, should the artificial light prevent its production, possibilities ofgetting breast cancer are significantly increased.

The effect of natural light

Finally, natural light is exceedingly healthy, and one isadvised to always try and make the most of it. Natural light helps the skin produce vitamin Dthanks to the sun, which is its natural source. Vitamin D regulates the levelof calcium in the bones, improves the immune system, decreases the possibilityof getting cancer considerably as well as regulate a number of disorders suchas arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, sclerosis, infections andcardiovascular diseases.

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