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Regardless of how ridiculous it may sound to some skeptics,kindness is a very powerful thing. Not only does it enrich one’s spirituallife but it can also have an effect on one’s physiological health.

Effects of kindness on the psychological health

It is commonly known that no matter how selfless certaindeeds can be, they are inevitably followed by pleasurable, fulfilling feelings.However, altruism can be so much more than that to a person and it has thepotential to preserve them from many possible mental disorders, includingdepression or similar conditions which can affect anyone at some points intheir lives. This happens because kindness can influence a person’s point ofview to change and become more positive and optimistic as well as increasegeneral feelings of welfare and happiness.

Not only can it help a person feel somewhat moderately happier but it can also cause them to feel completely elated and inenchantingly high spirits. Besides happiness, everyone aims for the peace, calmness andrelaxation but it is important to realize that life will never be devoid ofproblems and stress, and they are to be searched in spite of these problems.Kindness is proven to achieve these feelings, as well as a special connectionto people in general, leaving very little room for any kind of feelings ofdepression, loneliness or vulnerability.

Effects of kindness on the physical health

If such abundant effects of kindness on the psychologicalhealth may sound too good to be true, than the effect kindness can have on thephysical health could sound even more unbelievable. But the doubts should beleft aside, as the studies have, in fact, proven the highly rewarding benefitsof this attitude. Not only does kindness prolong the life span in general butit affects individual health issues as well. This kind of humane approach tolife helps regulate high blood pressure, keep the headaches away, improvecirculation and ease back pain. It even deals with somewhat more seriousdiseases such as lupus, arthritis and coronary heart disease, to name a few. Acts of kindness produce endorphins, and endorphins create a sort of resilienceto many different kinds of pain. Aside from driving away these concrete issues it improves general body functions and the immune system as well.

All in all, it does not require much effort to be a littlekinder towards others but it provides so much for both the giver as well asthe receivers. Kindness really does not seem to have a downside.

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