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Herbal tea nourishes the nervous system and strengthens the immunesystem. There is a special flavor and aroma that is associated with certainsystems of organs in the human body. The benefits of these are immediate becausethe brain receives a signal as soon as the taste of the herb kicks in.

Tea should always be made in fresh, cold water in cookwarethat is made of glass, iron, steel or unchipped enamel. Aluminum should beavoided because it has a tendency of coming off in the water. Tea strainerprevents the floating leaves and flowers and allows one to make blends ofdifferent types of tea. When the water boils, one should add the herbs andleave it to steep no more than ten minutes. Roots and barks require a decoctionbecause they are harder and need more energy to extract their qualities. Thetea should not be steeped too much as it can become unpleasant. It can also beenhanced by a squeeze of fresh lemon or perhaps a touch of honey.

There are numerous, delicious teas one should try. Aniseseed comes from the parsley family and is characterized by a marvelous flavorwhich reminds of licorice. It is beneficial for the digestion tracts in freshbreath, cough and relieving bronchitis. Ginger root is very warming and inimproves poor circulation and helps with cold feet and hands. It also comes invery handy in dealing with nausea, poor digestion, arthritis and lung congestion.Rose hips are abundant in vitamins and flavonoids and have very potentantiseptic properties so they are good for the blood, kidneys and the liver andcan be used as a treatment for colds and fatigue. Peppermint also has verystrong antiseptic properties and is great for digestion as well.

Echinacea is very good at stimulating the immune system. Itis very beneficial for the treatment of fever, cold, flu and sore throat.Chamomile has very powerful calming properties and is commonly used for thetreatment of hyperactivity, insomnia, anxiety, stress, pain and caffeinewithdrawal. It is also very efficient in improving the functions of thedigestive tract and relaxing menstrual cramps. Green tea is abundant influorine, vitamins and antioxidant substances. It boosts the immune system veryefficiently.

Raspberry leaf is abundant in iron, calcium and magnesiumand it is very beneficial in pregnancy, menstrual conditions and menopause. Italso comes in handy in strengthening the tendons and the joints. Maté has verypotent antioxidant, rejuvenating and nerve stimulating properties. It is efficientin promoting bowel health, lifting the spirit, improving the appetite andrelieving fever.

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