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Jiaogulan comes from the same family as melons and cucumbers but it does not bear edible vegetable or fruit. Its leaves are used for various health oriented purposes. It originates from China and it has been used there as a herbal remedy for many centuries now because of its powerful antioxidant and adaptogenic properties similar to ginseng. There are numerous health benefits of jiaogulan.

Benefits of Jiaogulan

Jiaogulan balances the energy of the human body, increases the stress resistance and lessens the effects of aging with its potent adaptogenic properties. It is the best source of saponins which are beneficial in maintaining a healthy hormonal balance. It is known for its abilities to extend one’s lifespan. Jiaogulan is also efficient in maintaining a better glucose tolerance and helping the body in using its own insulin more effectively. It is also very helpful because it increases the synthesis of nitric oxide which enhances the blood circulation and has a relaxing effect on blood vessels.

Jiaogulan is very important in increasing the antioxidant enzymes in the human body and decreasing the damage caused by free radicals whose toxic activity gets reduced significantly. It also comes in very handy when it comes to fighting fatigue. Jiaogulan is remarkable in strengthening the heart muscle and maintaining a normal blood pressure.

Jiaogulan is beneficial in promoting a normal growth of the cells in the human body and improving white cell count, antibody levels and the lymphocytes. It has very potent antitoxic properties which come in handy in fighting various side effects of drugs and chemicals. Jiaogulan is beneficial in activating antibodies and lymphocytes which enhances one’s overall immunity. It is also very good in relieving inflammatory conditions and maintaining normal levels of lipids and cholesterol in the blood.

Jioagulan can help when one needs something with soothing properties in order to relieve stress. It is also efficient in reducing the levels of sugar and fat in the blood and improving the metabolism. Jiaogulan provides a healthy functioning of the bowel, and helps the body in detoxifying and getting rid of all the waste. It is also very potent in improving concentration, focus and mental sharpness and inhibiting lipid peroxidation and protecting the brain cells.

Jiaogulan is extraordinary in supporting mental functions, lightening the mood and brightening the spirit. It is an unbelievable generator of energy which comes in very handy in athletes who need quicker reflexes and improved performance. Jiaogulan improves the sleep quality and digestive functions and balances the levels of hormones in both women and men.

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