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Lemon grass originates from Nepal and India, it is aperennial plant characterized by a lemony flavor and scent. It can be used forfood flavoring, but it also has certain medicinal potentials. It is often usedin the production of soaps, perfumes and candles. Lemon grass is also commonlyused for the relief of stress and insomnia because of its strong calmingeffect. It has strong antioxidant properties and it can be used in theprevention of cancer and it also relieves keratomycosis.

Health benefits

Lemon grass has strong antimicrobial properties and itprevents numerous fungal, bacterial and viral infections from occurring bothinternally and externally. It is efficient in preventing infections that mayoccur in the urinary tract, colon, respiratory tract, stomach, wounds and alsopreventing food poisoning, malaria, skin diseases and typhoid while its strongantipyretic properties can be of great help in bringing down high fever.Lemongrass is also very efficient in the process of the detoxification of thebody because it increases the frequency and quantity of urination. It isbeneficial in cleaning the liver, pancreas, kidneys, digestive tract and thebladder, preventing arthritis and removing excess water from the body. Itpromotes digestion and relieves gastroenteritis and flatulence.

It is alsohelpful in relaxing the muscles of the abdominal region and allowing the gas tomove down. Lemon grass is also very efficient in removing bad cholesterol,toxins, fats and uric acid from the body, stimulating the blood circulation andlowering the blood pressure. Lemon grass is essential oil is very helpful instrengthening and improving the central nervous system and it comes in handy incuring Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, convulsions, shaking limbs,vertigo and nervousness. Lemongrass has potent analgesic properties and it isbeneficial in reducing inflammations, headaches, toothaches, muscle pain andjoint pain.


Lemon grass base and leaves are commonly used for foodflavoring. Lemon grass is an essential oil that can be mixed with olive oil or almond oiland the mixture can be used as massage oil for the skin or it can be appliedtopically as a moisturizer or a lotion. It can also be inhaled to providerelaxation due its wonderful scent. Fresh lemon grass leaves can be boiled tomake herbal tea. It should be left to cool off first and then consumed. A teacan also be made from dried lemon grass leaves. Lemon grass can be commonlypurchased in health food stores and it usually comes in powdered dried orfresh form.

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