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Passion fruit bears its name rightfully. It is highlyaromatic, has a very pleasant taste and provides many health benefits. It is atrue gem of fruit and has very powerful healing properties. It can also bereferred to as purple granadilla. Passion fruit is a tropical type of fruit andis characterized by orange, pulpy inside and its seeds are edible as well.

Itstantalizing aroma is so delicious and it provides a very strong calming effect.One can consume passion fruit in its raw form, straight from the rind orsqueeze its juice and enjoy its magnificence. Passion fruit is known for beingvery low in fat and it is also an extraordinary source of vitamin A, vitamin C,iron, dietary fiber, potassium, carbohydrates and proteins. Passion fruitprovides one with almost all the dietary needs on a daily basis and it is veryefficient in relieving headaches anxiety insomnia and muscle tension.

Benefits of Passion Fruit

Passion fruit is abundant in vitamin C which means it isvery efficient in boosting the immune system, protecting the body from various typesof cancers and heart diseases and helping with the healing processes. Vitamin Cis also known for its potent antioxidant properties. Since passion fruit is anexcellent source of vitamin A as well as it is beneficial in improving thevision, protecting from numerous ailments and illnesses and fighting varioustypes of infections. Passion fruit is abundant in potassium and it helps in themaintenance of normal levels of body fluids.

Potassium is efficient in loweringthe blood pressure, controlling seizures, promoting faster healing, relievingheadaches maintaining a proper balance of muscle energy and helping withdifferent arthritic symptoms. Iron is another important nutrient which can befound in passion fruit. It is beneficial in improving overall immunity, helpingin transportation of the oxygen through the blood boosting the levels ofenergy and helping those who suffer from a restless sleep. Passion fruit is agood source of fiber which is needed for the lowering of the levels of fats andbad cholesterol in the blood and it also helps in preventing constipation.

The passion fruit leaves contain certain types of alkaloidswhich are efficient in lowering the blood pressure and they have importantantispasmodic and sedative properties. The leaves can be used for the treatmentof nervousness, insomnia, asthma, gastrointestinal problems and menopausalsymptoms. The polyphenols and caroteinoids contained in the passion fruit havestrong anti-cancer properties. The antioxidants from the passion fruit peel arealso very beneficial in the reduction of wheezing while the flavonoids can bevery helpful in the reduction of inflammations and numerous allergic reactions.

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