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Information on Green Tea

Green tea is a certain type of beverage made from the leavesof the plant botanically referred to as camellia sinensis. It is one of themost popular beverages around the world and there are numerous different varietiesof this beverage. Green tea has been the main subject of numerous differentmedical and scientific studies which were conduct in order to determine all thepotential health benefits this beverage offers. It can be of great help inreducing the risk of heart disease and various types of cancer. It boosts themetabolic rate, enhances the oxidation of fats and aids in the process ofweight loss, mainly due to the fact that it contains caffeine and plenty ofpolyphenols. Green tea is also among the best food sources of different typesof flavonoids. Flavonoids are certain types of phytochemicals which are knownfor their potent antioxidant properties. They may come in very handy when itcomes to fighting off the free radicals and reducing the amount and severity ofdamage they cause inside the human body.

Information on Resveratrol

Resveratrol is a natural phenol, a stilbenoid and aphytoalexin which is commonly produced by certain types of plants when they getattack by fungi or bacteria. Resveratrol is, just like green tea, a subject ofnumerous scientific studies which are conducted to show whether it provides thehuman body with any health benefits. Certain human trials have shown that veryhigh doses of resveratrol may be very efficient in lowering the levels of sugarin the blood. There are also alleged anti aging effects of resveratrol, butthose are yet to be confirmed by scientific proof. Resveratrol may beaffiliated with the occurrence of certain types of side effects in some cases.It can be found in the skin of red grapes and it is among the most well knowningredients of all types of red wine.

Resveratrol and Green Tea Supplements

Both green tea and resveratrol supplements are considered tobe generally safe and they are both considered to be very efficient when itcomes to slowing down the process of aging. Resveratrol is supposed to counteract all the negative effects which are often associated with eating too much.This is why it may also be of great help for all those who want to lose excessweight. Perhaps the best solution is to take resveratrol in its supplementalform and drink green tea in its natural form.

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