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The roots of Earl Grey tea originates from British history and it isbeen named after the British Prime Minister who received it from the Far East.

Nowadays it is commonly served along with the traditional English breakfast andon various other occasions, with or without milk and cream.

Besides the traditional values, Earl Grey tea providesvarious health benefits. It is very good for relieving depression, anxiety andfever. The depression treatment mostly relies on a very important ingredientcalled Bergamot. Its aromatherapy properties are very helpful in treatingdepressed and tense patients who experience stress and fear. When it is not intea form it is used to sooth and relax when stressful times kick in.

Earl Grey is very rich in antioxidant substances and that isvery important in reducing the damage of free radicals in one’s body. It worksso well that a single cup on a daily basis can greatly help with variousillnesses, diseases and even infections.

In Italy, folk medicine has had a huge influence on thefact that the plant is grown along the coasts and is widely used for feverreduction and intestinal problems. It even improves digestion when the immunesystem gets weak. Earl Grey instantly brings a soothing relief to any kind offever.

Besides bergamot, Earl Grey also contains traces oflavender which is also famous for its special soothing and relaxing abilities.

A cup of Earl Grey in the midst of a furious and stressful day can be just theright choice for stress removal, while at the same time it will not inducesleepiness because it also contains caffeine.

The amounts of caffeine in EarlGrey is minimal, so it give added focus, clarity and zeal without thesometimes uncomfortable and stressful effect of coffee or espresso.

Bergamot is a substance of extreme antiseptic qualities andgreatly reduces the risk of any oral infection, so this makes it very beneficial for general oral health. Black tea leaves stains on the teeth butthe antibacterial properties help fight all kinds of oral infections andhalitosis.

A cup of Earl Grey contains almost half the caffeineamount of a standard cup of coffee, and it makes it one of the obvious choicesover other kinds of tea.

The mood boosting effect gets amplified even more withcarefully selected additions of sugar or honey. A perfect way to get through a lazy afternoon towards a healthy end of the day is having a nice cup of Earl Grey.

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