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About kukicha tea

Kukicha tea comes from the tea tree Camellia sinensis, just as it is the case with green tea, white tea and black tea. Other names of kukicha tea are bancha twig tea or winter tea. Native to Japan where it is known as ‘the peasant’s drink’, it is made from twigs, stems and coarse leaves of the tea plant. After a series of roasting and aging processes the distinct light, nutty and creamy taste of kukicha tea is obtained. The benefits of kukicha tea are numerous, it is an important part of the macrobiotic diet and it is considered to lead to stable health and longevity.

Benefits of kukicha tea

Most of the benefits of kukicha tea stem from its alkalizing properties. Prevention of numerous diseases is achieved through alkalization of bodily fluids and tissues and consequent balanced levels of acidity. The diet containing white flour, sugars, dairy products, eggs and meat, raises the body’s acidity and eventually results in fatigue, premature aging, weakened immune system, heart, kidney or bladder conditions, problems with the weight, joints and bones. The body containing too much acid, draws minerals from bones and other organs, and stores fat.

Kukicha twig tea is abundant in minerals like copper, selenium, manganese, calcium, zinc and fluoride, A, C and B-complex vitamins and flavonoids, and like green tea, it contains polyphenols catechins, which are famous for their anti-cancer action. The most powerful of these substances is epigallocatechin, which prevents cancer by discouraging the growth of tumors and stops it from spreading within cells. It is also known to promote digestion. Kukicha tea is virtually caffeine free. Moreover it has a high content of tannin which helps clean the body from toxins. Tannin can even free the body from nicotine and radioactivity which is why it is recommended to people who take many medications.

Similarly to green tea, twig tea also regulates the levels of blood sugar, while by lowering high blood pressure, it prevents strokes and heart disease. Being an immunity booster, it helps combat virus-induced colds and flu. Kukicha tea can also promote weight loss slow down the aging process and prevent ulcers. When brewing twig tea it is important to use hot instead of boiling water. Once boiled water has cooled the tea is steeped for three minutes the most. It can also be served cold, with the addition of apple juice and enjoyed throughout the day even by children.

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