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Introduction to Gotu Kola

Gotu kola is a small plant, which is mostly found in northern Australia, New Guinea, Melanesia, Malaysia, Iran and other parts of Asia. Its use is fairly widespread, particularly as a medicinal herb in Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.

Benefits of Gotu Kola

Benefits of this plant, according to the traditional medicine, are that it acts also as a sort of a brain tonic, which is considered to increases intelligence and improve memory. Also it aids in making adrenal glands stronger, as well as in purifying blood and thus treating all the impurities in the skin. Among its other benefit lie curing and healing venous insufficiency, skin ulcers, scars and burns, blood diseases, heart failure, hepatitis and blood pressure, to name but a few of the most known ones. As far as the plant itself is concerned, main characteristics are that it functions as a diuretic and as a means for rejuvenation.

According to the numerous experts and doctors, it should be used for the following: improving of mental functioning, for healing scars, burns and skin ulcers, treating and ameliorating rheumatism, various blood-related diseases, heart congestions, infections attacking our urinary tract, veneral conditions, in boosting our immune system and blood circulation.

Practitioners belonging to the ayurvedic line of scholars and “healers” propose gutu kola based therapies for treating AIDS, as adrenal and blood purifiers, in treating eczema, epilepsy and insanity, also hypochondria, fever, hair deficits, strengthening of the immune system, various skin-related conditions, tetanus etc.

Other most evident health benefits of this plant includes relieving extremely high blood pressure and strengthening defense mechanisms of the body so it could fight off various toxins and bacteria. It is extremely good when there is a need to further boost and improve the way our circulatory system functions. If you experience cramps all too often then this plant is the key for ameliorating your problem.

The most recent studies on the benefits and usage of gutu kola reveals that it animates our brain and brain functions, resulting in healthier and better memory functioning. The studies in the area of pharmacology point out that result of the complex actions, common to gutu kola, is positive influence on the cells, and tissues as well which are one of the main parties of the entire healing process that takes place in our bodies.

Side Effects of Gotu Kola
Aside from all of the previously mentioned, and plentiful benefits, special attention should also be paid on its side effects. Primarily, it has a rather fatal consequence for the yet to be born baby, if taken during pregnancy. Therefore pregnant women should avoid this plant at any cost. Additionally, it is known to raise cholesterol levels in blood as well as blood sugar levels.

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