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The Moringa tree, is also known as the Miracle or Drumstick Tree. The most common of which are, the Moringa oleifera and the Moringa stenopetala. These are native to India, Himalaya and Africa. This is a true multipurpose tree, since all parts of the plant can be used. People in the tropics use many parts of this plant, including the leaves, leaf powder, seeds, fruits, flower and oil extracted from the plant.

There is more than 40 antioxidant substances present in Moringa, including some flavonoids and vitamins. However, this plant also contains various minerals and proteins. Many believe that just by using Moringa, you won’t be hungry or lack any important nutrient or vitamin for your growth and development. Even more, you will prevent infections and diseases, have beautiful skin and also have a source of heat, since this plant is used as valuable biofuel.

Vitamins, Minerals and Proteins

Moringa is full of vitamins B, E and also contains more vitamin C than praised oranges, and more vitamin A than you can find in carrots. Moringa is also a valuable source of calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and potassium.

Vitamin A from Moringa will aid in the prevention of potential eye problems, including blindness.

This plant is frequently used as the remedy for hypertension, since high amounts of potassium, zinc, magnesium and vitamin E are proven useful in lowering high blood pressure.

Depression is also one of the conditions that might benefit from Moringa. All present vitamins, potassium, flavonoids and calcium are considered able to improve the mood and promote healthy life style.

Strengthening of the immune system is also one of the potential benefits of this plant. Plenty of iron and beta carotene hidden in this plant are the substances which increase level of hemoglobin in the blood and keep your immune strong and your body healthy.

There are complete proteins in Moringa plant. People can find two times more proteins in the leaves of this plant than in milk.

What is Moringa Used For

People suffering from diabetes or high cholesterol will certainly benefit from using Moringa, because this plant is found to balance the blood sugar and cholesterol in the blood.

If you want to lose some weight – Moringa might be your thing, too. This plant is useful in several ways, for it will provide plenty of energy, without adding some unhealthy sugar. It will also promote your digestion and boost your metabolism, helping you lose those extra pounds.

Traditionally, this plant has been used by nursing mothers, for it is believed to increase the quantity of their breast milk.

Women in the tropics frequently use Moringa for skin treatment, because Moringa leaves make the skin beautiful and healthy looking. Many cosmetic products also contain Moringa for the same purpose.

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