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Information on Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is a herb extensively used in the Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese medicine and both of them use only parts of the plant that are above the ground. It is very efficient in treating viral infections, bacterial infections, parasitic infections, the common cold, dysentery, leprosy, influenza, tuberculosis, shingles, schistomiasis, cholera, elephantiasis. These include depression, wounds, circulation problems, blood clotting, sunstroke, pleurisy, fatigue, stomach pain, indigestion, anxiety, diarrhea, psychiatric disorders, asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, trauma, varicose veins, tonsillitis, epilepsy, hepatitis, stomach ulcers, anemia, and jaundice. It can also come in very handy in improving intelligence, improving memory, preventing pregnancy, arousing sexual desire, reducing scars and reducing stretch marks on the skin. Gotu kola is rich in certain chemical substances which are very efficient in decreasing the blood pressure in the veins and they also come in very handy when it comes to decreasing numerous different inflammatory conditions.

Gotu kola is also very beneficial in increasing the production of collagen which is one of the main substances required for the process of the healing. It can also be used very effectively for the treatment of venous insufficiency. Some sources claim that it can be used for the prevention of blood clotting which is often associated with long plane flights. Other sources also claim that gotu kola can be used to increase the circulation in people who suffer from diabetes. Sometimes it can help with the treatment of atherosclerosis because it stabilizes the plaques that pile up along the blood vessel lining. Some patients claim that gotu kola helped them in getting rid of stretch marks caused by pregnancy.

It is still largely uncertain how effective gotu kola is when it comes to the treatment of anxiety, schistomiasis, indigestion, fatigue, sunstroke, jaundice, psoriasis, tonsillitis, infections of the urinary tract, wounds, flu, hepatitis, jaundice and certain other medical conditions.

Side Effects

In order to be safe, gotu kola has to be applied to the skin or taken by mouth in an appropriate manner. Sometimes gotu kola can cause damage to liver to a certain degree. Other common side effects of gotu kola may or may not include drowsiness, nausea, an upset stomach and itching. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should definitely avoid gotu kola as it may be harmful for the infant. Those who suffer from any type of liver disease should also avoid gotu kola.

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