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Many people desire to improve their memory, whether it is for being able to improve the quality of studying or for some other reason. And while herbs may not be promoted as a way to achieve that, they are, indeed, efficient and have a long history of success in that area.

Spices that can improve memory functions

Nutritious natural elements like spices are very successful in improving the cognitive functions. One of such spices is the turmeric, which is normally used to prepare a dish named curry. This is because of its ingredient called curcumin, which has some antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and not only does it improve the memory, but it also decreases the effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

Another spice which has turned out to be helpful in memory improvement is ginger, thanks to its ingredient zingerone, which is an antioxidant. Furthermore, a delicious spice which has a very pleasant smell and is quite beneficial when it comes to improving the memory and brain functions is cinnamon. Cinnamon has a very stimulating effect on the whole brain and its activity and this can all come from just smelling its wonderful aroma.

Other herbs that can improve memory functions

A highly beneficial herb which is recommended to be used more than once a day, called gingko biloba, has many health benefits and improving the memory functions of the brain is one of them. The way this is achieved is through oxygen that it supplies the blood flow with, automatically increasing the circulation in the brain and enabling better memory functions.

One other herb that is becoming increasingly popular in dealing with deficits of cognitive functions is gotu kola. A teaspoon of gotu kola is to be used three times a day in a glass of warm water in order to achieve its proper soothing effect. Also, Siberian Ginseng is good for strengthening the nerves and keeping a balance in the entire nervous system which helps alleviate a lot of stress and anxiety while increasing the energy levels in the body as well. It can also be consumed on a daily basis and even more than once per day.

All in all, any of these herbs could potentially do the trick for improving memory functions in the brain but not every herb will have the same effect on anyone. Sometimes it is required to experiment a little until an herb which can provide the best possible results is found.

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