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Lemon and lemon juice are the best known sources of vitamin C but it is forgotten that lemon contain other medicinal ingredients. Lemon helps not only in overcoming cold but also against many other diseases. Many people consider it as the cure for all diseases.

It belongs to the citrus fruit and grows in hot regions since both plant and fruit are sensitive to cold and low temperature.

It is believed that Alexander the Macedonian brought lemon to ancient Greece from the Persia. It is known that Columbus brought it to America. Lemon is relatively shortly grown in the American continent and it is mostly grown up in Mexico and the United States.

As the lemon dissolves fat, it is recommended as a good diet tool.


Lemon fruit, in addition to vitamin C, contain a few calories, but also many useful ingredients and substances: vegetable fiber, vegetable fats, bioflavonoid, vitamins B1, B2 and B12, vitamin C, iron, limonene, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, proteins, salt, carbohydrates, phosphorus.

Remedial action

Lemon should be used as a medicine or as a medical aid when it comes to these diseases and symptoms: acne allergy anemia arthritis asthma diseases of the nose and throat (tonsils) bronchitis headache stomach cramps cold and flu degenerative diseases depression diabetes eczema for strengthening joints for normal growth to improve concentration constipationimpotence skin infection strengthening the immune system strengthening the nervous system for metabolism disorders coughing and sneezing nose bleeding migraine can be used as a diuretic some cancers infertility nervousness insomnia hair loss and other problems with hair burns osteoporosis spots on the skin improves circulation fever improving blood count prevention from digestive diseases kidney and urinary routes problemsproblems with the arteries and veins troubles with blood pressure problems with liver functionproblems with skin diseases problems with the nerves problems with bones and teeth against the cuticle against pimples obesity anti-aging anti-stress problems in pregnancy various infections rheumatism rheumatic fever sinusitis irritable bowel syndrome scurvy reduces pain in the feet eliminates bacteria and viruses heart disease respiratory inflammations encourages the bile, stomach and intestine function relieves pain accelerates wound healing accelerates the breakdown of fat sprain and strain fatigue hemorrhoids stroke

Lemon use

Lemon (juice and rind) is used in the diet throughout the year for the preparation of juices and teas, food (cakes) supplement and for food disinfection and preservation. Lemon is a natural antioxidant.

Lemon is added to vinegar but is also used for making liqueurs.

This fruit is used in cosmetics (creams and skin care products) but also for making perfumes.

It is interesting that the lemon is recommended as a powerful tool against mosquitoes.

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