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There are a large number of people who suffer from obesity and they are usually constantly searching for new ways and diets which are efficient in losing excess weight in the fastest way possible. Beside the extra pounds, obesity may also be associated with certain other medical conditions and problems such as gall bladder diseases, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, deterioration of joints, liver dysfunction, kidney diseases, heart diseases and numerous others. There are certain types of diet which may enable a fast loss of excess weight but unfortunately the weight loss is only temporary in most cases. If a person loses weight in a natural way there are usually no side effects involved, and the maintenance of weight is much easier.
Ayurvedic Medicines and Weight loss
All the Ayurvedic medicines are designed so that they take the entire relationship between the body and the mind in consideration when it comes to treating various medical conditions. Being overweight or underweight is commonly associated to imbalances of the kapha, pitta and vata systems in the human body, according to the Ayurvedic beliefs and teachings. Triphala is an Ayurvedic medicine which can be used for the clearing of the skin, improved health of the heart, detoxification, improved health of the eyes and the digestive system and of course, for the weight loss. Triphala is actually a mixture of three different types of fruits which are haritaki (terminalia bellirica), bhibitaki (terminalia chebula) and amalaki (emblica officinalis). Triphala is very rich in vitamin C, it also suppresses the hunger, fights off the free radicals and reduces the amount and severity of damage they cause to the human body. Another potent Ayurvedic remedy is guggul. Guggul is very efficient in improving the metabolism rate, enhancing the functioning of the liver and the thyroid gland, improving the heart health and reducing the levels of triglycerides and bad cholesterol in the blood. There are also numerous other sorts of herbal medicines which can be of great help and those include barberry, trikatu, gotu kola, aloe vera, shilajit and guduchi. All the aforementioned Ayurvedic methods of treatment need to be accompanied by the avoidance of highly processed foods, greasy or oily foods, lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle.
Caffeine, alcoholic beverages and sodas should be avoided and substituted by water as much as possible. Mint, amla juice, cinnamon, honey, turmeric, cumin, ginger, mustard seed, cayenne, black pepper and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables are highly recommended.

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