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Many people have been astonishedby the exotic nature of coconut, but few are aware of the health benefits thatthe coconut oil has. It is good for our hair, skin, as a stress relief, ithelps in maintaining the cholesterol level and in weight loss, it improves ourimmunity, digestion and metabolism, ameliorates kidney problems and heartdisease, and it is more than favorable for our teeth and strong bones. All ofthe mentioned health benefits of this oil are a direct product of laurel, capriceand acrylic acid and their antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal andantibacterial characteristics. This elixir consists of more than 90% ofsaturated fats and very small amount of unsaturated fatty acids. When weexamine the saturated fatty acids in detail, we discover that the majority ofthem are actually Medium Chain triglycerides. Vitamin-E, Vitamin K and mineralssuch as iron are also contained in coconut oil.

As already stated, benefits areplentiful. This oil is considered to be the best nutrition of natural originfor our hair. It aids in the process of healthy hair growth and gives the haira shiny complexion. Coconut oil also functions as a stress relief, since it issoothing and in that way helps in removing all the stress. One benefit that isprobably the most interesting to all is related to skin care – it is highlydesirable and outstanding as massage oil for the skin, acting as an effectivemoisturizer for all types of skin, especially the dry one. It also helps inbringing premature aging to a halt, and prevents degenerative diseases. Thoughmany would argue its benefits for the heart, since it contains fairly largeamounts of saturated fats, this is not something that should be taken forgranted. Coconut oil also contains about 50% of lauric acid, which helps inprevention of various health problems, including high levels of cholesterol andhigh blood pressure. Perhaps this oil is rich in saturated fats, but on theother hand, it can help significantly in the weight losing process. The secretlies in the fact that it contains short and medium-chain fatty acids, whosefunction is to lessen excessive weight.

When it comes to its internaluse, it is primarily used in the form of the cooking oil. As such, it helps indigestion by improving our digestive system and preventing various stomach and digestioncomplications such as the irritable bowel syndrome. However, its internalbenefits do not end here. Namely, it also fortifies our immune system with thehelp of antimicrobial lipids, lauric, capric and acrylic acid. In the case ofinfection, when applied for healing, it functions so as to form a chemicallayer that serves as a protection for the infected part of the body. In peoplesuffering from diabetes it helps them control blood sugar easier and improvesinsulin secretion. Bones also benefit a lot from coconut oil since it improvesthe ability to absorb minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, essential forbones. The same goes for our teeth, since by facilitating the absorption of calcium;it helps our teeth in becoming stronger. This oil is also considered to becapable of reducing the viral susceptibility of people suffering from HIV andcancer.

And to wrap it up, athletes canalso benefit from its use, especially body builders and those who are dieting.Reason is in the fact that this oil contains fewer calories than other oils andits fat content is more easily converted into energy.

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