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Health benefits of foot massage

The foot massage originates from China and it dates back to more than three thousand years ago. Some studies have shown that even in ancient Egypt people used foot massages for the prevention and treatment of various different health ailments.

The Meridian network is responsible for the connection of all organs, tissues and cells in the human body. A specific reflex point is connected to each organ in the body via 300 nerves in the intermediary. A trained person who can determine the cause of any illness by applying pressure on Meridians, sides of the feet or energy lines on the sole of a foot. Foot massage is also referred to as foot reflexology.

Foot massage is the ultimate way of relaxing after a hard day and it provides the ultimate peace and contentment. Foot massage is very similar to acupuncture because the different foot areas correspond with some part of the body. Massaging certain part of the foot can positively affect the stomach, colon, liver, kidney or some other organ. For example, massaging the correct part of the foot may help with bowel movement for those who can suffer from constipation. Foot reflexology can be of great help in getting rid of toxic substances in the body, improving the circulation, bodily functions and even memory. Professional foot reflexologies can provide the patient with certain diagnoses just by massaging the feet.

If more pressure gets applied, foot massages can get rather painful. One should always inform the reflexologies beforehand about a low pain tolerance so that he or she can adjust the pressure accordingly. Foot massage can cure colds, minor ailments but it can also handle more serious conditions like chronic headaches, constipation, allergies and many more.

Foot reflexology is a treatment that can be described as holistic because it does not concentrate on the symptoms associated with just one ailment in particular. It treats the whole person at the same time, without paying much attention to smaller details. Unlike some traditional medicine methods, foot massage provides results which are more gradual and slow in nature. The patient must visit the foot reflexologies many times in order to regain body strength and balance the body.

Foot reflexology does not come cheap, and it can cost up to one hundred dollars per session. Over time one can come to the conclusion that it requires quite a budget, but since health is the most important thing i to everyone, it should not have a price tag.

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