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Zero Gravity Massage ChairsCharacteristics

Since we tend to develop everything as soon as we find out that the current state of it is with a flaw, there are many massage chairs which are obsolete. Namely, while the first models offered solely massage through vibration, nowadays, there are models which have heat massage, acupressure, shiatsu and many other modes of relaxation and rehabilitation. The same goes for comfort. Taught by the experience of NASA scientists, who noticed, through numerous tests and examinations, that the best position for an astronaut to sit in during lift offs is to have his lower legs above the heart level, today's massage chairs incorporate this “zero gravity” position as well. This position is considered to place the least stress on the body of the person sitting in the chair and is therefore optimal. Thus, today, more and more chairs are built on the zero gravity discovery, being by far the best products of this typeavailable.

Why Choosing Zero Gravity MassageChairs

First of all, your spine will be relieved of pressure while your body weight will be equally distributed on the surface of the chair, making you sit in the best possible position for massage and relaxation since there is no impact on your body whatsoever. This is bound to make any massage far more effective, since massaging a relaxing body is incomparably better than massaging a tense one.

What is more, there are more than a single zero gravity positions, each better for specific massages. Therefore, some of the best massage chairs from this group posses several zero gravity positions, making your exercise routine evenbetter.

However, the benefits of these chairs do not end here. Many zero gravity massage chairs can modify their positions so that you are provide with ultimate relief and relaxation of your body. Thus, your limbs may be elevated if needed, you body can be stretched and your body position may be changed in every possible way which provides the massage process to be more effective.

If you purchase a zero gravity massage chair, you can choose the mode you like most, feeling that you are absolutely relaxed and relieved of tension in it. Then, your massage process can begin and you can feel better than ever before, since your body is in optimal position for receiving a massage.

Of course, there are many different manufacturers of these chairs and you are to choose the zero gravity massage chair fitting you best.

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