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The iJoy Massage Chair

There are many different massage chairson the market. One of the very best, however is the iJoy massagechair. It possesses many unique massage programs, which are alladjustable and completely modifiable so as to soothe your needsperfectly.

Moreover, this massage chair possessesan outstanding human touch massage system which perfectly mimics themajestic work of best masseurs possible. Thus, all you have to do issit down, relax and let the chair do the miraculous treatment of yourbody. However, if you are into controlling your massage experience,the manual mode will provide you with all you need for making yourmassage unique.

In the armrest part of the iJoy massagechair, you have a panel from which you may control all that thischair provides. You may choose from automatic massage programs,custom, manual massage sessions, types of massages and many otherexciting features.

Also, you can modify your backrest andrecline it up to 155 degrees. This massage chair possesses many otherinteresting features such as an integrated mp3 player, specialpillows and covers for a gentler massage and dozens of additionalsurprises for you to enjoy and benefit from.

Massage Chairs in General

Massage chairs are devices which arespecifically and ergonomically designed to provide comfort,relaxation and outstanding massage sessions to people who use them.These machines can be stationary or mobile. Also, they can have manydifferent functions. Traditional massage chairs allow the masseurgreater control over the person he/she is massaging. While sitting inthe chair relaxed, the masseur can do his/her job more easily, whileyou need not even to remove clothes or change positions. The chair doesit all, with no need for your intervention. Of course, it does notremove your clothes, but is capable of massaging you without youneeding to remove it.

Being very popular, these chairs can befound in many places like offices, shopping malls, public locations,chiropractic offices etc.

Robotic massage chairs, on the otherhand, possess the greatest technology installed within them, beingcapable of providing people massages without any external assistance.These come with controllers which allow people to modify theirmassage programs and adjust them to their optimal liking. There aremany different brands and types of these chair, usually all beingrecliners, varying in price, as well as in performance. So, you maypurchase a cheaper model with solely vibrating options or, you canopt for a full, hi-tech model with shiatsu massages, acupressure andmany other massage modes.

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