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Orient massage

The benefits of Oriental massage are becoming more and more worldwide known nowadays. Since ancient times, Orient has been famous for indulgence and hedonism. Massage is a part of that heritage, but it also has some healing qualities. History tells us that event Egyptian pharaohs used a massage as a method of treatment and relaxation. Massage has been used as a healing process in many different cultures in the ancient Orient. It was recommended to be used in combination with breathing exercises while the affected body parts were being massaged.

There are even some eastern gurus that believe that massage used in the right way can lead to healing of the partial paralysis and fever. Neuralgia is a condition that can be dealt with the Orient massage. The distinctive feature of Indian massage therapy system is to massage the affected areas with aromatic oils and some spices. In these modern times, Oriental massages has become a part of relaxing and relieving the stress, giving the choice to choose from (table massage, aromatic oil massage, massage wraps).

The benefits of Orient massages

The world was convinced that Oriental massage is working during the World War I. Patients who were treated from ailments, nerve injury and shell shock were massaged and the outcome was stunning. Now, Oriental massage has become a part of modern medicine and is used even in hospitals. There are some health centers who offer this type of the treatment to their patients. People who suffer from some severe condition such as AIDS, or cancer can reduce the stress with Orient massage. There are other techniques that are used in combination with Orient massage. Aromatherapy and reflexology have become some of the techniques that are used in with orient massage.

The massage types

The relaxation massage is widely used in order to provide overall relaxation and improve blood circulation. Relaxation massage greatly reduces tension in muscles and tissue. The remedial massage is a massage type used as a part of paramedical massage, providing improvement in the injured muscles functioning. Another massage type, sport massage, is very popular and we can see every soccer player on a match getting massages. Oriental massage has also to offer the benefits of aromatherapy massages, which are good for promoting good health condition. Reflexology is a massage type that requires the extensive use of the thumb and finger pressure.

We hope that this small text about Orient massage will encourage you to try it, and if you do, you won't be disappointed.

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